Who we are

“We are Representatives and Distributors of The Lubrizol Corporation, Breatec, Sunbelt Colors, Turbotect Inc. and Union Colours”

Our offices are located in Santiago: Vitacura 5250 Of. 403. We have a warehouse for packaged products and a terminal for bulk products. We distribute from Santiago to wherever the customer demands it, always keeping in mind to care for the environment and the health of the people involved in our products.


To be on the leading edge and be a leader in providing innovative, technological and logistic solutions in the transport, industrial, mining and other sectors, allowing our customers to compete in and effective and efficient way.


We are a company focused in the excellence of technological and logistic development of specialized chemical products, equipment’s and services.  Adizol is compromised with the community with a profound respect of the environment.  We are oriented to create value to our customers and stakeholders.


In 1957, Lubrizol International begins its operations in Chile, with Mr. Alberto Julio, appointed their first Sales Representative.

On July 1st, 1982, Lubrizol Corporation opens it office in Chile, with Mr. Alberto Julio Acuña as General Manager. Over the next two decades, the main activity of this office was to support the requirements of our Customers needs on additives for fuels and lubricants, technical support, quality control, storage and logistics.

In 1995, Mr. Eduardo Garcia Saavedra is named General Manager for Lubrizol de Chile Ltda.; behind him a great work team is formed dedicated to customer service.

In Chile, as in other countries in the zone, Lubrizol decided to continue the sells and services offered through distributing companies. Adizol Ltda. was designated as exclusive representative and distributor of Lubrizol’s products. The head of this company is Mr. Eduardo Garcia Saavedra, who, since 1995, had served as General Manager for Lubrizol de Chile Ltda. Therefore, in November, 2004, Adizol Ltda. is created, with the goal to continue and improve the services that had been already offered by Lubrizol to our customers, while maintaining market share leadership.

Starting in January 2012, Adizol Ltda. decide to become a closed anonymous society, under the name Adizol S.A., expanding its commercial activities to: Import, Export, Merchandize of fuel-related products as well as other Chemical Products. A Board of Directors was formed.


Eduardo Garcia Saavedra

President of the Board

Julio Garcia Schatzle

General Manager

Bernardo Bollmann Bibus