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November 2013, ADIZOL S.A. enters to ASIQUIM A.G.

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From October 2013, ADIZOL S.A. enters as associated company to ASIQUIM A.G.

ASIQUIM groups companies of the chemical industry, and today counts with 127 associated members that represent more than 90% of sales from the chemical industry, that include producers, distributors, representatives and services suppliers of National Chemical Industry.

With this addition, ADIZOL S.A. will be present in the most important group of the Chilean Chemical Industry. This will allow to showcase ADIZOL S.A. to Industrial Market as a company focused in excellence of special chemical products, equipment and service.

Furthermore and in our constant concern for the environment, ADIZOL S.A. adds to the commitment of sustainability from ASIQUIM and his Responsible Conduct®

December 2012, how gasoline additives make your engine work better (Video)

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Passenger vehicles continuously become more sophisticated to meet changing emissions regulations, improve fuel economy, and meet consumer performance demands. Engines become more complicated with modern engine designs.

 It’s no surprise that today’s more sophisticated components require more sophisticated fuels. All gasoline is not the same. Not even close, actually. The quality of gasolines on the market today can vary dramatically. A high quality gasoline truly does deliver very real and measurable benefits, and it this through the science of fuel additives. Fuel additives are key to enabling the continued advancements in modern engine components.